Iaido, the Art of Calm in Movimiento

Todo en Inglés 30 de marzo de 2019 Por Dojang Diario
Autor: Javier Alberto Sanchez Mikolaychuk, Director of the Special Equipment Exhibition of Martial Arts.

Iaido, the art of drawing the sword and cutting, along with the Kyudo (archery), is full of mystery and charm. In Japan, it is considered the most spiritual of the martial arts due to the nature of their practice and it is this same quality that makes an art misunderstood in the eyes of the west.In the field of battle, the samurai drew his his katana, and threw herself without hesitation into combat. In this context, we developed the Kenjutsu. More, in everyday life, were very frequent attacks of surprises, both on the streets and in their homes, and was as well as the art of unleashing the katana became a part not only important, but vital techniques of the katana.Required of a polished intuition gained from a meditative state. It needed to sense the attack before it was executed. It is thus that the Iaido became a true “meditation warrior”. This premise is commonly known as “the art of stillness in movement”.Etymologically, Iaido, it is translated the following way:I = Be, exist, remain, live with.Ai= Union, unity, harmony, understanding.Do= The way, the way, way to go.Being then the pathway that allows you to, by the spiritual act, to be fully in the present. Completely awake in the Higher Self and so to join in thought and action to the adversaries.So, while the Kenjutsu promotes the effectiveness of warrior, Iaido search efficiency within a state of Peace.Often hear phrases such as: “is art useless in our days,” “what is it? What if you don't carry a katana with you all day?”. So the value of this martial art lies paradoxically in this Useful-Uselessness! It is an exercise of Zen in its pure state! And this is precisely that it leads us to penetrate their deeper meaning, the same that makes us know that it is the “emptiness” of a cup which gives it its usefulness.Personally I recommend that anyone who wants to learn this discipline is to be achieved a certain degree of evolution in another, or other martial arts in order to achieve getting the most out of it.Students of Karate, Aikido, Judo, etc, have reached a new domain of his art through the layout with the Iaido. In Japan, it is well known the existence of this synergy, therefore, is that most great fighters have revered always Iaido. Very soon the student discovers as their own practice or workouts everyday in your style, find a new approach, a renewed strength and development. Such a result derives from the nature of the training of Iaido that reduced to what is elemental to the essence of the battle and, in doing so, gives us a renewed opportunity to live their foundations breaking the routine.Iaido causes in its practitioners the strange combination of violent movements but calm regardless of the speed of execution. It also highlights the capability of leaving the state of rest or immobility to action suddenly. If this is transferred to other martial arts they acquire a renewed and fresh approach.Iaido is also a formula martial which highlights the “Art without Artifice”, therefore the strength and the intensity concentrated the gaze of the performer is sufficient to know your level.In the most high and elevated from the road, all the arts are to be found in the simplicity magnifies the master. But without doubt, in some, as in Iaido, precisely because of being so bare of technicalities, it is more palpable and evident the evolution of the student as it requires of the development of the internal aspects.In Iaido, once undertaken, the foundations, the corrections are converted into exercises of a technical implementation that was unheard of, to end by becoming a “Discipline more Spiritual than physical. It is therefore not strange to hear aphorisms such as: “do not think about taking out the katana, it encuéntratela outside!”.In summary, we are faced with a martial art that focuses on a journey of encounter with the essence of the Way of the Warrior, of life and death. A journey where the essence of the martial manifests itself with the elegance and strength of other times.


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